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Welcome to the second issue of Ore-saMagazine!

I would like to take the chance to remind you, in case you haven't noticed, that the media page is updated weekly with rajipuri and manga chapters. I usually make a little announcement in the tagboard to let you know, so stay tuned if you're interested in getting these files.

In other news, you should have noticed that this month's issue brings you a juicy Sanada special. Therefore, I advice you to get a cold drink, relax and let yourself be dragged into the world of Rikkai's vice-captain... and his tango partner.

Thank you for reading this magazine, we hope you enjoy your stay. And remember that feedback is always welcome!

Recommended Film - PREVIEW!

  Queer Eye For The Tennis Guy

Click here to see a preview of The Neverending PoTStory, a movie that has recently hit the theatres of the Tenipuri land with great success. Follow Sanastian in his fantastic journey through magical lands to save Pontasia!

The summer heat - and Mizuki's and Fuji's secret mission that took them into the Rikkai's Emperor's domains - has brought this staff unprecedented images of sexy tennis boys. Ore-saMagazine brings you a really hot exclusive. The Tango Pair will share all their secrets with you! Click here to see them in all their naked glory!

Atobe's Dance Lessons.

Learn how to hit on Sanada in five easy steps. Follow Ore-sama's dance lessons and success is granted!

The Musical Corner - Los del Kawa

Following Mizuki's trace, Atobe and his coach Sakaki-sensei (who, don't forget it, is officially a music teacher), have decided to rescue another Spanish glory, Macarena, to try to beat Mizuki Likes Brooms' sudden burst of popularity after his Nfu~ single that hit the charts with awesome success. With the special collaboration of Kabaji Munehiro and Mukahi Gakuto from their own tennis team and several members of the Seigaku Tennis Club, this song is aiming for the #1! Download a sample of what's going to be the song of the summer!